19 Illustrative Answers to the Question “What Would Happen If...”

3 years ago

Several months ago, we provided answers to some curious questions. For example, we revealed what would happen if sand got struck by lightning, or what a pizza would turn into if you cooked it in an oven for 8 hours straight. And it seems like it’s time to replenish our “collection” of knowledge in this area.

After reading this post, you, together with Bright Side, will find out what would happen to money if you were to put it in a microwave to disinfect it, or what rice would turn into if you kept it in a rice cooker for a week.

This is what happened with the leather goods in a shop that was closed for 53 days (it happened in Malaysia where the humidity level is very high).

This is also Malaysia — movie theaters are covered in mold.

This is what’ll happen to money if you try to disinfect it in a microwave.

This is what happened after 2 years of use with a cheap dish scrubber (on the right). On the left — a high-quality dish scrubber that has been used for 15 years.

Here’s what will happen to potato sprouts after 3 weeks if you let them grow.

A matte surface will look like this (in this case, it’s a pen) if you put transparent tape onto it. This trick works with matte glass too.

Here’s what will happen with a sheepskin rug if you comb it.

This can happen with a screen protector if you’re constantly using your phone and always scroll the screen with your thumb.

An over-swiped area on the protective glass of the phone is visible through polarized lenses.

This key was in a lock that no one touched for more than 20 years.

Here’s what will happen with a completely transparent skull after 7 years of sitting on a windowsill.

This is what happens to bottles of soda (the 2 bottles in the middle) when they spend several weeks in the shop window under bright sunlight.

This is what happens to roads in flood zones after heavy rains.

The grass will turn into this if you put a glass door on top of it for a little while.

Here’s how a sofa will be transformed if you clean all the pilling off of it.

Here’s what happened to a pole that’s been a place to hang flyers for several decades.

This happens to a wooden door when it gets hit by a doorbell for 30 years.

A tree will look like this if it grows too close to a fence.

This is what’ll happen if a bird runs into your window.

Here’s what happens to rice after it gets left in a rice cooker for a week.

Have you ever found answers to your most unusual, “What would happen if...” questions? What are they?


I left a double sided mirror on my bedroom window and the reflection burnt a part of my UPVC window frame black. Take care with anything reflective near windows - it could have caused a fire had I not noticed it. I keep my window ledges clear of anything now.
this sofa reminded me that some time ago I really enjoyed watching those small videos where they instantly clean sofas, rugs, chairs of plush toys with good vacuum cleaners ?

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