19 People That Won’t Lose Their Smile, Even on Their Worst Day Ever

3 years ago

Life is made up of ups and downs. There are some days when luck is on our side and other days where it seems like everything’s against us. But have you ever noticed that when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, it feels like the universe is conspiring against you? Although episodes of bad luck are common in everyone’s daily life, some people prefer to shed a positive light on these drawbacks. Some of them even share their experiences on the Internet and manage to laugh at their bad luck.

The Bright Side team browsed through social media and managed to compile pictures shared by 19 users who ought to start carrying 4-leaf clovers in their wallets, just in case!

19. Turns out it wasn’t real fruit after all!

18. “Did I accidentally drink a cup of cream? It could’ve happened, yeah...”

Whole milk on the left and cream on the right

17. “I just wanted to eat some sardines!”

16. “That moment when you finish a 1,000-piece puzzle only to realize you’re missing a piece and have a duplicate of another piece.”

15. “The aftermath of scratching my poodle’s back for a good 45 minutes”

14. Things are just getting out of hand here!

13. “Let’s just get one thing out of the way: the wrapper didn’t help...”

12. “You know, I never thought to check the dryer for the TV remote...”

11. “My dad hung a mirror in the bathroom to be at his height. Amazing...”

10. “My cousin got bamboozled this morning.”

9. “I forgot this pizza in the oven about a year ago.”

8. “Yesterday, I drilled a hole in the wall of my house (the exterior) and hit a water pipe.”

7. “Do they know how to cook? I cook a lot. I went to buy oil and bought vinegar. Hasn’t this ever happened to you?”

6. “My brother went to the movies alone for the first time with a friend and brought the 3D glasses home, thinking that they were a gift.”

5. “Today, I received a bag-flavored cookie...”

4. “This one came with a prize!”

3. “My partner cleaned the bathroom today and I just realized that I washed my hair with a degreaser.”

2. “Don’t forget the money in the drawers. Moths love it.”

100 Brazilian reals are equivalent to about $18.

1. “I got a tattoo some time ago and decided to check out the meaning (I had taken a picture off Pinterest and it said it meant ’don’t give up’). I did some research and found out that it actually means ’SPREAD GREENS.’”

What would you do if you were in one of these situations? Would you try to cover the tattoo with another design, remove it, or would you not mind having the expression, “spread vegetables” imprinted on your skin forever? Let us know in the comment section!

Preview photo credit Lariissas / Reddit


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