19 People Who Went Crazy With Their Choice of Creative Home Decorations

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Creativity is one of the most representative features of humans. We are capable of creating and innovating unimaginable things. Proof of this are the examples we compiled for you. We guarantee you that the designers who were in charge of these home decorations have a wild imagination and are completely out of the ordinary.

1. The owners of that house definitely live like kings.

2. “We heard you like spindles, so we surrounded your spindles with spindles.”

3. How did that triceratops get there?

4. A starry table

5. Custom Yard Fountain

6. This table was a little hot.

7. The next jet Tom Cruise will use for Top Gun 3.

8. “Beautiful sculpture. Just not sure I want to brush the dust out of its hair each month.”

9. Either they overdid it, or they screwed up this design.

10. Interesting design, very windy.

11. “Think about all the pockets! You won’t lose your remote again.”

12. Be careful where you sit, those chairs are already taken.

13. “No longer a boring fridge. Now a statement piece in my kitchen.”

14. “Pennywise dresser on marketplace.”

15. “The Faucet Lamp made by my uncle”

16. “This octopus handrail.”

17. “This piranha painted like fine china.”

18. “Chair made from 65 pairs of Yeezy’s.”

19. “My rats.”

What is the most extravagant design or decoration you have come across? Can you describe what it looked like?

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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Ive seen those hideious stumpy dwalf legged stools a few times on here. Who the neck would have them in their homes is beyond me.


That first one just looks like a castle block stuck awkwardly atop a bungalow lol. Not very royal. Very odd.


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