19 Photos of Cats and Dogs That Make Us Cry With Laughter

3 years ago

Let’s admit that we’re serious, experienced, and sometimes strict adults. But we just can’t help looking at these fluffy creatures! We love their ears, paws, and sad eyes. No, we won’t justify ourselves. Cats and dogs are all about endless love!

Bright Side has collected pictures of pets that are perfect remedies for sadness and boredom.

New haircut

“What goes in doesn’t always come out.”

“My friend decided to come with his dog. My cat’s reaction is everything.”

“Let go of the camera and help me!”

“Where’s my food though?”

“My cat thinks it works this way.”

A nervous friend vs a calm friend

A new friend

“My sister’s dog had puppies. One of them fell asleep while trying to escape.”

When cats raised you:

“My poor cat learning what rain is”

“You taste kind.”

“Every single day when I come home from work”


“Don’t worry, I don’t break rules.”


“My dog is scared of the cat and she knows it.”

When you feel sad:

“His first day home”

Send us pictures of your funny pets and they’ll star in our upcoming articles!

Preview photo credit Unfriendly/ imgur, This_Geig/ reddit


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Cats and dogs are the best! Although I prefer dogs over cats. Any dog lovers? :)


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