13 Photos That Prove Being a Husband Is Genuine Art

There’s an art to being a husband, and different men have different ways of filling this role: some learn how to shop at the grocery store, some dry dishes with a fan, others mistake makeup sponges for pastries, and so on. It’s the differences between a husband and wife’s views that make their life together so much more interesting.

The heroes of this compilation from Bright Side described some irritating moments of their married life, and even though they may have been a little frustrating, they totally believe that these moments make their marriage stronger and happier.

“My wife said it couldn’t be done.”

Dedicated to those who hate onions on their burgers.

“I thought my husband brought something dangerous on vacation. Nope. He brought his skincare.”

“My husband picked up some birthday balloons for our son’s birthday today... He’s turning 8.”

He will love you despite all your inconsistencies.

“I asked my husband to buy some hair clips for me! This is what I got! No complaints here!”

“My husband’s lost car keys have been found, exactly where he left them.”

Who said it was women who always take a lot of time to get ready?

“My husband asked how I wanted my pizza cut: triangles or squares? So I replied, ‘circles,’ and this is what I got.”

“My wife asked me to dry the dishes.”

“Tonight my husband bit into one of my makeup sponges thinking it was a sweet, after I told him it wasn’t. But he didn’t believe me.”

When your husband isn’t sure whether his socks belong to the white or to the black basket:

“This is how my husband likes to put things in the fridge.”

Which moments of your married life could out shadow the photos from our article? Share them in the comments below.

Please note: This article was updated in June 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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This moment when a guy has more skincare products than you! :D
Oh, come on, just pick any Ajax you see! What' s the big deal??
This moment when you like onions in your burgers, but hate raisins... ?

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