19 Photos That Prove There Are People Whose Witty Ideas Will Not Be Forgotten

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Each person is unique, and that is what makes every one of us special. Just as there are people who are always very attentive to details, there are others who seem to live in another world. The protagonists of this article came across individuals who did things in a slightly different way, so they had to share their findings.

1. “Went out to a play centre at the weekend. Asked my daughter to go grab some aioli for our chips. This is what she comes back with.”

2. “Went to Pisa this month; never take pictures in a rush.”

3. “I’m confused.”

4. “She was asked to put the pillows back on the couch...”

5. “My white elephant gift. Cash taped around an actual hanger”

6. “I asked my husband to hang the mirror above my dresser...”

7. “My mother washes her dishes by hand because the dishwasher is used for other things.”

8. “My wife couldn’t open the bag, so this was her solution when she bought the potato.”

9. “Christmas in Hawaii”

10. “My friend asked his sister to butter the burger buns so he could put them on the grill, and this is what she did.”

11. “After seeing the pic of my nephew in his new Christmas gift, my partner thinks he ’might have ordered the wrong size.’”

12. “Nephew snuck a bite of my chocolate bar with the shell.”

13. “This passenger puts down a mattress and goes to sleep at the gate.”

14. “This is my Christmas present from my boss. I’m a 41-year-old man, and neither my first nor last names start with T.”

15. “My sister thought this was a good way to stop her cat from destroying the Christmas tree.”

16. “The card my 7-year-old son gave me today that I will cherish forever.”

17. “How the Grinch stole slushies”

18. “My wife went to the flea market and brought home a wall decoration for the bathroom.”

19. “My wife’s way of getting the bacon ready to cook is something I will never understand...”

If you could change the way you do something, what would it be and why?

Preview photo credit Jacksquatch / Reddit


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