19 Pictures to Remind You That Being a Woman Is Great

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4 years ago

Being a girl means spending hours in fitting rooms and trying to lose weight all the time...but then snacking too much. It means "wanting something" and not being sure exactly what. It's also a lot of other things that the artist Maria Medvedik draws pictures about.

Bright Side collected 19 cute pictures where every woman will recognize herself, and men will recognize their wives and girlfriends.

About difficult choices:

About consistency:

About certainty:

About good decisions:

About planning:

About staying in shape:

About those days every month when men should keep quiet:

About moderation:

About mobilizing:

About priorities:

About love for animals:

About dedication:

About image:

About social media:

About "language barriers":

About reading minds:

About the dreams that didn't come true:

About presents:

And about the little things girls love:

Which of the pictures seemed the most like you? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Maria Medvedik


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