19 Pictures We Had to Look at Twice to Understand

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With the technology we have available today, it’s so easy to capture moments from everyday life in the blink of an eye. And sometimes, without even realizing it, we happen to be at the right place, at the right time to take a picture that captures an optical illusion, tricking us into believing something that’s not actually happening.

Bright Side made a compilation of pictures taken by Internet users that captured funny but confusing moments thanks to the magic of optical illusions. Here’s what they’ve shared online.

1. “A giant soccer ball sitting on a rock wall”

2. “My cat sitting on the back of my chair makes it look like she’s wearing a leather jacket.”

3. “Just a guy wearing a hoodie...”

4. “My puppy with human feet!”

5. “My headless cat”

6. “A boat on a dark sea or a simple cake?”

7. These trains look like white cables.

8. “This gives new meaning to the phrase, “egghead.”

9. “I don’t remember this being in hockey.”

10. “A swan swallowing a mallard”

11. “Does my long, flexible dog count?”

12. “Hands from under the mat”

13. “Those are just baby turtles, not a crocodile.”

14. “A mix ’n’ match cat”

15. “Looks like someone erased part of that building!”

16. “This camel eating a tiny human”

17. “Just saw this at the airport — it took me a couple of minutes to realize he’s hugging a pillow.”

18. “A picture I took of a friend with nipples in his back”

19. “Hydra-cat”

Which of these images did you think was the most confusing? Do you have any pictures that we could add to this list? Share them with us in the comment section along with a caption!


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