19 Times Nature Disguised Itself as Something Completely Different

2 years ago

Be it a frog looking like moss or a bunch of vines resembling an elephant — when it comes to nature, you can’t always be 100% sure of what you’re looking at. Sometimes nature loves to get creative and disguise things as something our eyes can’t guess right on the first try.

Bright Side looked for such photos and collected the best of them for our readers below.

1. Snail bread

2. ’’Seahorse bacon’’

3. ’’Chicken leg cloud’’

4. “These vines in my neighborhood look like an elephant.”

5. “This rock looks like a dragon’s head.”

6. “I found glacier water so clear, you can barely see it.”

7. “My orange looks suspiciously pumpkin-like.”

8. “Shriveled garlic kind of looks like a bird with no legs.”

9. “This moth looks like a fighter jet.”

10. “Found this cheeseburger-looking mushroom growing on a trunk yesterday.”

11. A white flower? No, it’s an albino oak plant.

12. “I found a mussel with natural googly eyes.”

13. “Found a patch of moss behind a loading dock that looks like a tiny tropical island with a palm tree.”

14. “A landscaping stone I found that looks exactly like a hunk of crab leg meat”

15. “A heart-shaped rock with coral arteries I found at the beach”

16. “I found this leaf that looks like a weather radar.”

17. “I’m making jam today and I found this extra strawberry.”

18. A frog that looks like moss

19. ’’Mean carrot’’

When was the last time you mistook one thing for something else? What was it?

Please note: This article was updated in February 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit dr_llama / Reddit, mnrdov / Reddit


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