20 Animals That Are Better At Selfies Than You Are

3 years ago

A “selfie” is a form of photographic art that is closely associated with smartphone photography and social networks like Facebook and Instagram. And with it being featured on the stage of social media our favorite “kitty pics” have tremendously changed.

We at Bright Side love a good selfie and know that sometimes you find talent in the place you least expect it!

Selfie with my tribe

Wildlife selfie

I don’t know... maybe smile more.

With my pet chicken and my very relevant new shirt

Not impressed

That camel is on top of his game.

Why is my food taking a selfie with me?

Hello darkness my old friend...

That’s enough for me, woman!

Hanging out with my bestie

He’s sexy and he knows it.

Like owner, like cat

My girlfriend was trying to take a selfie of my dog and her and this is what she got:

Hello, world!

“Selfie-appalled,” it’s a condition.

His not big on Christmas, is he?

Are you trying to take a selfie without us?

I dropped my phone and my chicken took a selfie...

Deer selfie!

Proud-parent selfie

Which one of these animals could qualify as a selfie-pro for you? Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments!


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