20+ Animals Who Decided to Go a Bit Crazy

2 years ago

“When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear, and life stands explained,” — it’s this Mark Twain quote that comes to mind when we watch our 4-legged friends. Their behavior, poses, and habits are sometimes simply unexplainable but are always funny and cute.

We at Bright Side know well that it’s easy to see a pet taking a comical pose or making a funny grimace, the hardest thing is to capture them. The good thing is that some people manage to do it, otherwise, we would have much fewer positive moments in our lives.

It’s hard to believe but the owner says the cat is fine.

“Did I adopt a broken Beagle or is this normal?”

“My cat Steve, making a weird face at me”

“Has anyone informed the cat that these dogs exist?”

“Everyone’s cats are normal, but my cat is weird.”

“My cat is a bit ‘special’ when it comes to relaxing.”

“My dog and her new Frisbee, I don’t think she can see but hey she loves it.”

“My cat has a system that turns a tail into a donut when the cat pulls up.”

“The cat first dropped everything out of the closet and then froze in this thumbs-up pose after having gotten himself hooked on the string.”

“My dog really loves snow but it’s rare here. She’s... beautiful in her joy when it happens.”

“The Buddy strikes a pose.”

“I caught it!”

“He eats everything.”

“I’m a derp for apricots!”

“I got a new instrument!”

“My friend’s dog Isabelle, who stole all our hoagie rolls!”

“This is the way everyone should sleep, isn’t it?”

After a long walk

“Her claw got stuck in the sofa, but she was too lazy to try and pull it out so she just stayed like this.”

“I always tell her to put her tongue back in her mouth but she never listens...”

“My cat, having an existential crisis in the middle of going up the stairs”

Furry moon belly

“What’s wrong with him?”

“Sometimes I feel like I adopted some other animal that’s disguised as a cat.”

“Any thoughts?”

How is this comfortable?

Can you share any derpy photos of your pets where they look both funny and a bit insane at the same time?

Preview photo credit PamperedPie / Reddit


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