20 Animals Who’ve Tried Something New Today, and Their Expressions Are Priceless

4 years ago

Animals have a lot in common with us when it comes to emotions: they have their own ways of showing them and it’s pretty hilarious to watch. This is especially clear when pets try something new for the first time, showing the same excitement and confusion that any person would.

We at Bright Side love animals and putting a smile on your face, so we’re sharing these hilarious photos of animals trying new things with you!

1. “Wife sent this after picking up our dog from surgery today.”

2. These 2 cats just saw a bird.

3. He just tried going for a walk...next time, he’ll use Uber.

4. This cat finally gets to learn about the magic of Christmas.

5. Who doesn’t love a good snow day?

6. This cat couldn’t believe it could climb a tree...

7. “He finally learned how to get the treat.”

8. “The whole concept of a ‘watermelon’ scares and confuses him.”

9. “My dog was surprised to see me so late at night.”

10. “This was a 2-for-1...he’d never been outside before and never saw a bird...until now.”

11. This puppy’s reaction to getting to go outdoors was much different.

12. On the plus side, at least they figured out that pumpkins are food...

13. This little one just learned about grass.

14. “My friend’s cat was a little shocked when she meowed back.”

15. This dog is really excited to meet a horse.

16. “He never saw his reflection before.”

17. Finally getting to the beach is such an iconic moment in a dog’s life.

18. This cat never tried catnip before...

19. “My dog meeting a baby for the first time”

20. This cat had never left the house before.

Bonus: “Super Dog, Wylie’s first time at the dog park”

Do you know any other animals who’ve had a silly reaction to trying something new? Share your stories with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit ashkhunter / Imgur


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