20 Coincidences That Were a Total Long Shot but Happened Anyway

2 years ago

Finding your own double in a classroom, having the color of your Band-Aid be exactly the same as your skin tone, or having your car suddenly duplicate itself are some of the pranks fate can play on us to show us that it is a true master of coincidences.

Bright Side compiled some of the strangest coincidences that people shared on social media and prepared this list especially for you.

1. “Couldn’t find my shirt in the hotel room.”

2. “My shoe has the same pattern as the carpet.”

3. “My dog’s paw has the same pattern as my blanket.”

4. “Glitch in the matrix”

5. “The inside of my shoe has almost the exact same pattern as my friend’s couch.”

6. “This glitch in the matrix”

7. “A glitch in the matrix, part 2”

8. “I took this well-timed picture of our kittens licking butter off of corn at the exact same time.”

9. “Found my doppelgänger on an untitled sticker in the middle of nowhere.”

10. Something caused this car to duplicate

11. “My Band-Aid is the same exact color as my skin tone.”

12. “Found an old pic of myself with my doppelgänger from art class. We didn’t plan to wear pretty much exactly the same thing. Wish I hadn’t worn a hat that day cause our hair was the same too.”

13. “Was this planned?”

14. Can anyone find an explanation for this?

15. “My cat matches my decor.”

16. “I lost my legs for a sec.”

17. “My dog matches my rug.”

18. “The striations on this crystal aligned precisely with MIL’s shirt. It ain’t transparent folks.”

19. “Whose idea was this hallway?”

20. “My mom’s friend found someone who completed her ensemble.”

Did you ever feel like you were experiencing a fluke worthy of a glitch in the matrix? Tell us what it was like and share your photo in the comments.

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Preview photo credit KiltedMusician / Reddit


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