20 Compelling Photos From the Siena International Photo Awards That Will Get Under Your Skin

4 years ago

The Siena International Photo Awards (SIPA) is one of the prestigious photographic contests. Each year, photographers of different skill levels from around the world use this opportunity to introduce their art to ordinary people. Breathtaking shots make us feel the beauty of the moment, behind which lies the whole story. Last year there were 48,000 photos and 11 categories. And only the best images were selected to inspire people and take them closer to art and culture.

The photos selected by these professionals captured our spirit. And we at Bright Side are happy to share our emotions and impressions with you. So we invite you to enjoy the art of photography with us. These photos are literally worth a thousand words.

1. Battle Victim, K M Asad

2. The Wave, Lorraine Turci

3. Game of Colors, Anurag Kumar

4. The Light Fantastic, Alex Livesey

5. Path of Camels Across the Sands, Abdullah Alnassar

6. Little Nenets Nedko, Sergey Anisimov

7. Flying on the Beach, Claudio Piccoli

8. Nightbus, Emily Garthwaite

9. Henningsvær Football Field, Misha De-Stroyev

10. School of Barracuda, Francis Pérez

11. Flyboard Record, Artur Lebedev

12. Break, Burak Senbak

13. Every Breath You Take, Klaus Lenzen

14. Redyk, Bartłomiej Jurecki

15. Cosmic Wildflowers, Marcio Cabral

16. Sharing Emotion, Mohd Nazri Sulaiman

17. Kid With Hand Crafts, David Nam Lip Lee

18. El Calbuco, Francisco Negroni

19. The Unwanted, the Rohingya, Paula Bronstein

20. Underwater View of the Winter Lofoten, Sergey Lukankin

Do you think that an outstanding photographer needs talent or is it just all about practice? We would like to hear your opinion in the comments!


I believe it's all about practice to get to this level. I love No. 2 and 20 the most.
I loved #15. This looks magical, and I hope it's not photoshopped!
This is really beautiful. Every photo has its own meaning, and shots are taken so professionally. Pure joy!

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