20 Couples Who Gave a Special Meaning to Their Romantic Gifts

Choosing the ideal gift for a partner is a particular task. Wit, heart, and purpose are sometimes worth much more than buying an ostentatious piece of jewelry. Several people have shared moments in which they took their romanticism further.

1. “Take note, boys, this is how you do valentine’s day right.”

2. “My wife, knowing I love sandwiches and don’t like the typical romantic stuff on Valentine’s Day, made me a bouquet of meat roses.”

3. “My girlfriend is really into collecting Hot Wheels, so I thought it would make a cute little gift for her on Valentine’s Day.”

4. “Art made for my wife. Where we met, got married, and live.”

5. “Handmade box with homemade cakes and chocolates for my husband, who I call Puddin.”

6. “My boyfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship. His mom made me chocolate strawberries. I’m going to cry, I love her so much.”

7. “I made the D-gift Basket for my boyfriend, and he got me everything in the second picture.”

8. “After being with my girlfriend for almost 8 years, I finally made it into the family calendar!”

9. “Every year, my girlfriend and I make our own Christmas cards with our cats.”

10. “When you have the best boyfriend ever!”

11. “My girlfriend made me a ham and potato cake for my birthday since I don’t like sweets.”

12. “My long-distance-relationship girlfriend and me recently met for the first time in 3 years.”

“She gave me a box of letters and told me to open it when I returned home. This was inside, and it made me tear up while smiling.”

13. “A surprise Valentine’s Day gift from my fiancé. I’ve wanted a bloodhound for as long as I can remember, and now she’s all mine!”

14. “Made this for my wife for Valentine’s Day. 3 mm wood from Dollar tree.”

15. “When I proposed to my wife, we were dirt-poor college kids, so the ring I gave her was really inexpensive.”

“15 years and 4 kids later, I’m going to surprise her with a long overdue upgrade tomorrow morning.”

16. “One year ago, I bought my wife the Bookstore modular. That was her first experience with Lego. This is her town today.”

17. “My husband gifted me a bucket list item for my birthday this year. I got to go play with baby otter pups!”

18. “My boyfriend and I exchanged gifts early for Valentine’s. His gift for me? A rose he made himself in the shop.”

19. “My wife loves flowers but doesn’t like it when they die, so I learned how to fold them to make them last.”

20. “After 17 Valentine’s days together, my wife and I have perfected the holiday celebration.”

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