20+ Darling Birds That Are as Sweet and Joyful as Children

3 years ago

2 caracaras cutting a deal on the windowsill, a gang of bald newborn parakeets, an owl attacking bananas, and pelicans enjoying a selfie — there are way more than just cocky pigeons or annoying seagulls in the feathered world! There are all the types of precious and goofy birdies out there that are no less dynamic than characters from a Disney movie!

Here at Bright Side, we think that birds are a lot like kids, and true to form, they like fooling around from time to time.

1. “I’m not touching it... I’m not touching it...”

2. “I live in constant fear.”

3. The real purpose of coffee cup handles: bird warmer

4. “Deal, bro.”

5. “I shouldn’t have fed that one duck yesterday.”

6. Moist owlette

7. “We found a baby parrot on the road a few days back. He wouldn’t look at us the first day and now he wants to cuddle every time he sleeps.”

8. “I can never get a nice picture of them all together.”

9. Just some precious parrots enjoying the rain, keep on scrolling!

10. “He pouted like this and whispered under his breath for 5 minutes because I wouldn’t let him chew on my phone case.”

11. Just hanging around...

12. Apparently, owls and bananas don’t get along.

13. Did somebody say, “millet?”

14. This cat suffers from a horrible case of “chickenpox.”

15. The Marilyn Monroe of pigeons

16. Just a nibble

17. Baby parrots are the most unusual kind of adorable!

18. Taken one second before the disaster...

19. “This photo of a pelican trying to eat my phone”

20. Sometimes birds really do remind us of siblings.

21. “I have 4 feathered friends who come by my window every morning for breakfast.”

22. “My dad sent me this selfie.”

23. “One day, I want to look at myself the same way that my bird looks at himself.”

24. Me: “I don’t want a new bird. They only bond to you and want nothing to do with me!”

New bird:

25. Morning snuggles

26. “Maybe it’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybirline!”

27. “I smell seeds.”

28. “Anyone else’s bird likes to nap this way?”

29. A true gentleman

Do you have funny feathered friends? We’d be happy to see your pictures in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit scrpio007 / reddit


Parrots are the funniest!!! my husband used to have a parrot and he has the weirdest photos ever hahahah

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