20 Elderly Graduates Who Made Their Loved Ones Burst With Pride

4 years ago

It’s never too late to go to college if you missed it when you were younger. Theresia Brandl got her school diploma at age 105, so if you think you’re well past the college-age, think again! Plus, having a person experienced in life will certainly enrich the classroom experience and make other students wiser.

So, if you thought you were way too old to start college, this Bright Side article may change your mind.

1. 72 years after being freed from a WWII internment camp, this 90-year-old couple finally got to graduate.

2. “The best part of my graduation ceremony last month...she got a standing ovation.”

3. And now he graduated!

4. “A friend of mine graduated from Law School at the age of 94.”

5. Kiyoko Ozeki, 88, is the oldest person to earn a doctoral degree in Japan.

6. Age is just a number. Leo Plass graduated at age 99.

7. “My dad just graduated at the age of 71. My mom wanted a nice picture of ’her boys.’ ”

8. “When my grandmother became the oldest graduate of East Tennessee State University at the age of 87 years old!”

9. “Today, my 62-year-old immigrant grandmother graduated. I couldn’t be more proud of her!”

10. Over 100 years old? Time is still ripe to graduate.

11. “A love of learning is essential.” — 93-year-old Dr. Lis Kirkby

12. “My dad and I (ages 51 and 25) just graduated from college in the same class!”

13. “Today my 73-year-old grandma finally graduates high school.”

14. 91-year-old Donald Doll received his high school diploma after leaving before graduation to join the Navy in 1945.

15. “I graduated with my mom last May and it was a very proud day for my grandma!”

16. “I accomplished what I wanted to do...this is my dream come true.” — Doreetha Daniels, age 99

17. Choo Siew Eng graduated from the prestigious NTU at the age of 56.

18. From fruit seller to this university’s oldest graduate

19. “My 72-year-old dad graduated from college with honors.”

20. “My 72-year-old grandmother graduating from college in 1991— she’s the coolest granny ever.”

Are you also as motivated as these people to pursue your own dreams, no matter your age?


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Imagine having a student party and a 90 year old steals the show when he slides on his knees across the ballroom


Really inspiring, but what are you gonna do with a new degree if you are 90+.. ? find a new job? :D


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