20 Family Photos Proving Nature Is a True Copy Machine

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4 years ago

Babies are expected to take after their parents, but there are times when the resemblance just gets a little too uncanny. Some people could pass for a copy-and-paste version of their parent or another relative when they were younger. In other words, genetics can sometimes be so powerful, they almost make you believe in time travel!

We at Bright Side love celebrating family so we’re sharing photos of people who just can’t deny the family resemblance.

1. “My mom and I at the same age in different centuries”

2. “Buddy of mine, 2014 vs 1977 — father and son, both 20 years old”

3. This mother and daughter even pose the same.

4. It’s time to strike a pose!

5. The best part of both pictures is the look on the sister-to-be’s face!

6. “Me and my sister in 1984-ish, and my daughters now”

7. Both this girl and her grandmother can rock a short hairdo.

8. “My grandfather in 1951 and my brother in 2014 — both are 25.”

9. This mother and daughter even share bad hair days!

10. “Apparently I bear some resemblance to my great-great-grandfather.”

11. He just needs a pair of glasses.

12. This level of cuteness just had to be a dominant gene.

13. “Pretty strong genetics in my family...”

14. Now the son needs to recreate this photo when he has a baby of his own.

15. “My dad died a year ago today. Here is a photo of him holding me when I was 7 months old, and me holding my 7-month-old son. I wish Dad could have lived to meet my boy.”

16. Sure, the hair colors are a little off...but this is unreal.

17. “Same kimono, same age, and same DNA — my mother in 1976 and me in 2011”

18. “I’d planned this photo years ago as long as I had a son and was still in the military. My dad and I, and my son and I.”

19. This father and son look so much alike, it’s unbelievable!

20. She got it from her mama.

Who do you look like — your mom or your dad? Do you have any photos that prove genes go a long way? Share them with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit jadesanctuary / Imgur


My grandmother and I. She passed away years before I was born. Funny story I fell in love with a 50s ballad and sang it to my dad years ago, he cried, turns out it was one of her favorites and he hadn't heard that song since she died.
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