20+ Fascinating Shots That Are Like Peeping at Nature Through a Keyhole

2 years ago

Nature will never run out of curiosities, and wild-life photos are just living proof of it. It seems like as soon as we turn our backs, animals start behaving in an absolutely unpredictable way. These photographers are likely counting their lucky stars for having a camera with them, allowing them to capture how human-like and entertaining animals can be.

We at Bright Side fell under the spell of these 23 photos that show what nature is doing when no one is watching. And make sure not to miss the bonus example from a wildlife photographer of what can happen when people have a funny bone.

1. Someone still can’t believe their luck.

2. Who knew that a mouse family could look so cute?

3. “The winter is coming, time to prepare.”

4. If a squirrel could have an Instagram

5. How many birds can you see?

6. “Ahhh. Good morning.”

7. Please, don’t tell this damselfly we can still see it.

8. Looks like they weren’t expecting guests.

9. “Like mother, like daughter,” animal edition

10. What a “dandelion!”

11. Looks exactly like the struggle short people go through when trying to reach the top kitchen cupboard!

12. Kung fu squirrel

13. Find someone who looks at you the way this quokka does.

14. No visitors, invited guests only

15. That’s the spirit animal everyone needs!

16. Can you spot 2 squirrels?

17. Love is in the air.

18. Looks like a new type of meditation.

19. A mother is a mother, no matter if she’s a human or not.

20. “Hang in there, baby!!!”

21. This is a James Bond-level stunt!

22. And here’s another one with major stuntman potential.

23. There’s a new yoga instructor in town...

Bonus: A photographer left a camera trap in the woods and a stranger couldn’t resist the temptation to pose for it.

Do you like spending time outside? Have you ever managed to take a beautiful photo of nature? We’d love to see it!

Preview photo credit depositphotos.com


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