20+ Fortunate People Who Saw Something That Could Knock Your Socks Off

2 years ago

surprise can actually cause the human brain to freeze for one-twenty-fifth of a second. Of course, some people unfreeze faster and manage to capture the moment. When one Reddit user came across a variety of corn that looked like pomegranates, they snapped a picture — as did another person, who found the debut album of a famous action star.

We at Bright Side loved these images and we thought you would too. So here are some little moments and things full of delight.

1. “Took a flash photo of my boyfriend in a reflective jacket.”

2. Googly eyes would make this perfect.

3. “My daughter’s bicycle, clarifying the difference between Austria and Australia”

4. “Red corn from Georgia that looks more like pomegranates”

5. “This message stamped on the squeaker inside the stuffed animal my dog just destroyed”

6. “I accidentally triggered a ’man overboard’ buoy we found on the beach this morning.”

7. “This Prada showroom in the middle of nowhere in Texas is an art installation for shock value.”

8. “I saw 4 generations of Honda Civics, in order of age, all in white.”

9. The top of the glass sheared off perfectly.

10. “The creamer left inside the cap looks like the yin and yang symbol.”

11. “This skinny 2-wheel Volvo”

12. “The guy who does the grass for my building left a rectangle of wild flowers so the bees can use them.”

13. “I drive this vehicle a mile under the surface of the earth.”

14. “A shadow made the sun’s light look like the blue ghosts from Pac-Man.”

15. “These insect eggs look like little smiley faces.”

16. A visiting card made out of maple wood

17. “Domino’s left their oven pan in my pizza box.”

18. “The way this photo looks like it’s been Photoshopped”

19. “An original, sealed copy of Bruce Willis’ debut album”

20. “The wear and scuff marks on this boat look like an island in the sea.”

21. “A log loaded with coins I found in the Welsh countryside”

22. “The rainbow appearance of new feathers on a baby macaw”

23. “My husband’s fully reflective iridescent rain set”

What sights have you come across that gave you a pleasant surprise? Share your pictures and stories with us.


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