20 Gym Fails That Made Us Both Cringe and Laugh

4 years ago

We've all had lazy days at the gym. But some people take it to a whole new level. We at Bright Side chose 20 hilarious gym fails for you to enjoy.

20. Woah!

Dude, you aren't really helping!

19. She's just casually reading the paper.

She is missing a cup of coffee.

18. Is this some sort of new exercise for arms?

They are just messing around, right?

17. Yup, he nailed it.

Photoshop gone wrong.

16. Sometimes I go to the gym because I can see this:

Will someone please show him how it's done? Please?

15. That must be some awfully cool read there.

Who said the gym is only for working out?

14. Yes, that's how you do it.

There is the personal trainer option, you know!

13. That's what you call a segway-mill. I knew it.

That's a big challenge!

12. Why not have some coffee while you're at it?

Might as well bring in a chocolate muffin.

11. Last night was a success.

Don't touch! They might explode!

10. This dad is awesomely cool.

Such a great role model!

9. Just chillin' and eatin' an ice cream!

I've been doing it all wrong! This is how a gym workout should be!

8. I wonder how long he has been asleep for...

Oh, all the pumping and all the sweating... Exhausting, indeed!

7. Nothing special — just Batman on a treadmill.

That's right! Superheroes must keep fit.

6. Maybe he thinks he is a bat-man?

Or a chandelier?

5. If you thought gyms were only for brainless bodybuilders, you're so wrong!

Check and mate!

4. Yup. Just like that. Will someone get him a PT, please?

Or call 911!

3. Even if a nuclear war starts, I will not stop pumping my muscles!

If I were that determined, I'd have already won all the bodybuilding competitions!

2. That's some workout music right there!

1, 2, 3 — go!

1. Way to go, Grandma, way to go!

This makes me shed a tear. Precious!

You've now seen 20 hilarious gym fails, but we wonder if you have a story or a photo to share with us. Please, feel free to do so in the comment section below!


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