20 Marvelous Animals That Were Born With Masks

4 years ago

There are several kinds of masks that serve different purposes. They can be protective, for ritual, for entertainment and even disguise. But we found another type — the kind you have at birth! And they have no other purpose than to make their owner exceptionally cute.

Bright Side has collected photos in which a mask given at birth emphasizes the uniqueness of animals. We also added one great mask drawn by humans as a bonus.

1. A mask created by vitiligo

2. A good mask for robberies

3. The little guy wears glasses.

4. Gothic makeup

5. “When Cosmo was 3 months old, his mask made him look like The Joker.”

6. A fluffy mask of anger

7. When you have a colorful personality:

8. A mustache mask makes a boy a man.

9. Pretending to be a tiger

10. “My mom’s cat looks like she’s wearing a fancy sweater.”

11. There’s an angel on its face!

12. White beauty

13. Unable to look away

14. The fox with smokey eyes

15. Looks as if someone poured ink on this cutie.

16. Bat-cat mask

17. A little pirate with a black bandage

18. Panda’s cousin

19. Hands up! Bandit is here.

20. A mask full of love

Bonus: This cow wasn’t born like this. But this edited mask looks cool so we wanted to share it.

Which of these masks did you like the most? Share your opinion with us in the comments.


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