10 Nightmarish Engineers Who Weirdly Manage to Work It Out

10 months ago

As Wikipedia tells us, engineers are people who invent, design, analyze, build and test machines and structures until they make sure that they serve their wanted purpose — all while making them 100% safe to use. The difference between real engineers and engineer-wannabes is the fact that the latter don’t think about safety and don’t test their “inventions” thoroughly before using them. That’s probably what makes them so funny and hilariously innovative.

1. New faucets are expensive.

2. Everyone installs alarms. This guy installed a lock.

3. Just hang in there.

4. “Guy on the plane put his boarding pass in his phone case, holding it up with the tray table latch”

5. Using pizza cutters for dicing.

6. “Using a spoon to keep her on the porch and not chasing squirrels.”

7. “After using and rinsing the plunger, rest it under the seat to dry. Avoid dripping commode water on the floor.”

8. “Another use for a pool noodle: Silence your unbalanced washer”

9. “Washed my hats in the dishwasher and used balloons to keep their shape as they dry.”

10. “Instructions for a new fridge water filter said to flush...before use. Used a chop stick, measuring cup, and bucket so I wouldn’t have to hold it”

Have you ever seen or done a creative DIY home or personal project that any engineer would be jealous of? Please share your experiences with us down in the comment section.


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