20 Outstanding Design Ideas That Will Make You Scream “I Want That”

4 years ago

A bathtub shaped like a hammock or a chandelier that turns any room into a forest. Every once in a while you come across must-have products that are special because of their unique designs. Sadly, these one-of-a-kind pieces can sometimes get lost in a sea of endless options and not get the recognition they deserve.

So, Bright Side is bringing to you a collection of excellent ideas that have turned ordinary items into works of art. Proceed only once you’re ready to be amazed.

1. A 3D printed Drogon from Game of Thrones was made into a lamp that even Daenerys would’ve loved to have.

2. A kitchen that takes “drowning your sorrows in food” to a whole new and stunning level.

3. Yes, it actually works and it’s aptly called The Little Black Dresser.

4. A chandelier that transforms your room into a forest.

5. A one-of-a-kind bookshelf was built by these parents to address the needs of the whole family.

6. “My girlfriend and I wanted a light for our room that we could turn on while we hang out. So why not a cloud!”

7. It’s probably the smartest design for a bookshelf ever.

8. A vinyl record player shaped sink with built-in Bluetooth speakers!

9. A futuristic bed that’s shaped like a spaceship will easily lift you off to dreamland.

10. Who said cassettes have fallen out of fashion?

11. Once you see this submarine crib, you’ll agree that regular ones should stop being a thing.

12. These unique window blinds have the outline of different cities from around the world and it’s honestly magical.

13. The only right way to charge your phone. Don’t worry, it’s made of plastic, so no scratches.

14. CATable was designed to enhance the bonding experience between people and their fur friends.

16. Bookworm is a bookshelf curved into a cocoon for avid readers.

17. The winner of 2014’s Concept Design Award!

18. A rocking chair for pet owners

19. The Hideaway Lounge will provide you with a cozy place to read at all times.

20. A bathtub that imitates a hammock for maximum comfort

Which of these things would you most like to own? And what’s the most original? Tell us all about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit lsmallsl / Reddit


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You can create such a cloud from a cotton wool! It looks amazing


This lamp only looks impressive when the light is on, but I really like it!


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