20+ People of the Past Who Had Such Incredible Beauty, You Might Want to Drown in It

4 years ago

It’s said that everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. And yet, if you take a look at photos of alluring people of the past, you simply can’t ignore their radiant appearances. Standards of “good looks” have changed over time, but the unique features and pure grace of people from that period are just mesmerizing.

We at Bright Side can’t stop contemplating these photos of attractive women and men from the past, so we decided to share them with you.

1. Minnie Ashley, an American actress, 1896

2. An Algerian girl, 1905

3. Maud Adams, an American actress, 1890

4. “This is my gorgeous grandmother, circa 1948.”

5. “My ridiculously attractive grandparents sitting for a portrait in the early 1940s”

6. An example of elegance and grace in the 1940s

7. “My amazing great grandmother, 1917”

8. “My grandfather during WWII”

9. Charm and style in the 1940s

10. A lady with a beautiful smile, 1965

11. “My grandmother during WWII — she’s around 16 years old here.”

12. “This is a picture of my great grandfather just before his deployment to World War II.”

13. “My grandmother (in the 1960s or ’70s) with her dog Bam Bam — I thought I’d share her beauty with everyone else.”

14. Red lipstick was popular, even in the 1930s.

15. “A portrait of my Okinawan grandmother, 1938”

16. A powerful woman in the late ’50s

17. “My grandfather in the 1950s”

18. “My grandmother modeling a Christian Dior wedding gown in the 1940s”

19. A pretty lady with confidence and a taste for fashion in the late 1910s

20. “This is Hazel, my grandmother-in-law in 1916.”

21. “My grandmother had style in Detroit, 1938.”

22. A look that says it all!

23. “My grandmother and grandfather on the day they got engaged, 1944”

Do you have vintage photos of your parents or grandparents? We’d love to see them in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Wikimedia, Wikimedia


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