20+ People Who Can’t Describe How Truly Unhappy They Are About Their Hotel Choice

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Whether a hotel is cheap or not, you expect what was promised, a working fitness center, for example, and basic things like privacy. Sadly, sometimes poor design choices or disorganization keep you awake at night, literally and figuratively!

1. “I paid extra for a room with a bigger TV.”

2. “Heat lamp vs Bathroom door” in my hotel room

3. “The door stop at my hotel: I present the ’Toe Buster 5000’.”

4. “The mirror in my hotel room lets anyone look in at the bed, even with the curtains closed.”

5. When your hotel tries to be extra, but fails:

6. “A violation of both building codes and common sense.”

7. “I’m concerned about the inspiration behind these hotel curtains.”

8. “The 1.5” gap in this Norwegian hotel shower door"

9. “The men’s toilet in the bar of the hotel I’m staying at this week”

10. We’ll never know why someone would approve of this.

11. “My hotel room with an ocean view.”

12. “Trying to find my room...”

13. “My hotel room has the safe bolted to a removable drawer.”

14. “The sink in my hotel room in Helsinki”

15. My hotel’s ’pool area’

16. “The fitness center at the hotel I stayed at.”

17. “The layout of this hotel room doesn’t account for the pull-out bed.”

18. Once you get in this hotel, you never leave.

19. Only Elastigirl approves of this design.

20. “The hotel’s cinema room spared no expense.”

21. “My hotel gave me a room that’s under construction.”

BONUS: “There is something unsettling about this motel sign...”

Which of these do you consider to be the biggest fail? Do you have any similar photos or stories? Drop them in the comments for us. We’ll be waiting!

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit OfficialFaabs / Reddit


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It's crazy how these places are still getting visitors.. that ocean view or pool area is just a straight up scam!


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