20+ People Who Left a Store With an Empty Wallet but a Happy Heart

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Sometimes people buy stuff that may not make much sense to the rest of the world. But you can’t always please everyone: at some point, you must choose between being happy or fitting into society. Well, some of the products in this compilation may not make you meet social standards, but they will surely make you smile. And just because of that, you could say you must have them.

1. “These cool, odd books! They are old, handmade blanks.”

2. “This bit holder my daughter bought me.”

3. “I ate this camera-pill yesterday since the doctors wanted to see my whole digestive system from inside.”

“It takes 2 photos per second and even has LEDs incorporated. Yep, we are on that point of history.”

4. “I raise you a crabby swiss-knife.”

5. “What do you call this?”

6. “Goose Mittens, Carrie Streb, Crochet, 2021”

7. “My 5-year-old son designed a dinosaur and I helped him to make it.”

8. “I’m curious as to who designed this neck massager.”

9. “This hanging monkey lamp.”

10. “A side project I’ve gotten into this year to sell: painting old lobster buoys with various designs.”

11. “Koi Fish, Stained Glass Mirror, Me, 2021.”

12. “Light bulb filled with salt rock pebbles.”

13. A lighter in the shape of a giant match.

14. “Found this octopus Luigi at a skating rink.”

15. “Saw this irresistible plant today. It has glasses!”

16. “Saw this at an antique store.”

17. “I made these cute little rats out of polymer clay.”

18. “This is awesome. Get me a bird and these.”

19. “This toy pet makes a day.”

20. “Where can I get these!?”

21. “Always wanted to try my hand at some wacky furniture, went with an Alice in Wonderland theme.”

Preview photo credit builderbob53 / Reddit


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