20 People Who Proved No Handcraft Is Finished Until It Makes Someone Smile

3 years ago

We all love to receive a fun gift, but getting something handmade just for us is a completely different story. That’s like going to the next level, especially if the person that made the gift for us really spent some time thinking about it and making it. There’s no way the result won’t be amazing, and we can prove it.

Bright Side values the talented people out there that dared to make handcrafts for their loved ones, so we made a compilation of some of the best creations that they shared on social media.

1. “Built my girlfriend’s daughter a kitchen playset for Christmas. Bedtime has been a battle ever since.”

2. “No exotic lumber, no fancy joinery. But my first decent sized project. Wife needed shelves and I had a vision.”

3. “Nothing very impressive, but I’ve never done woodworking before. This weekend I spent a day with my dad turning and making this cup. I love it and might have found a new hobby!”

4. “I made a desk for my girlfriend for her 30th birthday.”

5. “My wife has wanted a big round dining table and a Lazy Susan for years. My project for this season was to build one for her! From 2” thick maple and steel. Weighs close to 500 lbs!"

6. “First DIY book art for my girlfriend”

7. “Made my dog a window bed from (mostly) scraps.”

8. “I built a giant, auto-drawing, digital Etch-a-Sketch.”

9. “Rotten old fence becomes new bike shed”

10. They told me “just hire someone” and “you’ll never be able to do it,” but I did! Hexagon is fun.

11. “Built my daughter a bench for her room and surprised her with a matching side table.”

12. “Made my wife a wedding ring out of stainless steel.”

13. “I’ve been getting into woodworking this year. Here’s my first attempt at making furniture: a desk!”

14. “My mom said her new shiplap wall was too plain, so I made this abstract geometric wall art to make her happy!”

15. “I built my daughter a castle bunk bed! Took me a few months but she loves it!”

16. “Swiss coin ring made for a customer in Finland”

17. “Ripped out my old leaky tub surround — waterproofed and tiled!”

18. “I built a climbing wall for my tiny human!”

19. “I built an easily removable catio so that my boys could enjoy the backyard with me. This took one afternoon and was done for the most part with wood glue and screws.”

20. “I decorated a bookshelf with pyrographed quotes from books my wife and I liked.”

Bonus: Good intentions are not always enough to do a good job.

“Always proofread before cutting. I still like it though.”

What is the best gift someone has ever given to you? Was it handmade or did they get it at a store?

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I'm so glad that number 10 proved everyone wrong.

The best gift is what my nanna gave a pet cat for my 7th bday


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