20+ Pets Who Can Pose Better Than a Selfie Queen

4 years ago

In today’s world, one’s selfie game is crucial. Well, it’s not everything, but it definitely is important if we’re talking about animals! These pictures will make a lot of people wish they were as good at posing as the animals are. As if our furry friends weren’t cute enough — most of them aren’t even trying!

Bright Side will never get tired of sharing adorable animal pictures to put a smile on your face. So please enjoy this collection of 22 of them!

1. This smile will get thousands of likes, we know it!

2. A wink and a smile are very hard to pull off, but this kitten sure did it!

3. He wants to know if you like his picture...

4. When you’re in a happy relationship:

5. It has a big smile because it knows the camera loves it!

6. A nice family photo

7. There’s always that one friend who sticks their tongue out in pictures!

8. Best buddies posing together

9. Doug the Pug on vacation in L.A.

10. This hedgehog is most definitely comfortable and happy.

11. A model is a model even when she’s resting...

12. That moment when the human kids want to get on the swing but you have no plans of getting down!

13. She’s acting candidly.

14. The most beautiful smile we’ve ever seen!

15. Happy to be rescued!

16. Who said ducks can’t pose?!

17. “Keep calm and be fluffy” is a good motto!

18. “Whoops, I dropped something.”

19. When it’s finally summer!

20. “Oh, there’s a camera...act natural.”

21. “Draw me like one of your French girls...”

Bonus: When you accidentally open your phone’s front camera:

The camera loves them, doesn’t it? Do your animals pose for pictures? We are definitely looking to discover more models, so please share your pictures with us!

Preview photo credit kittens_of_world / instagram


I'd prefer my instagram be filled with such photos, not with girls with duck faces :D

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