15 Photos That Prove Growing a Beard Changes Everything

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beard is the focus of men’s attention nowadays. Scientists suggest that bearded men are considered to be more trustworthy. Men with beards are also seen as more competent and more attractive. Bearded job applicants are believed to have more expertise than clean-shaven ones.

Bright Side has discovered the most amazing beard transformations that might really surprise you.

1. Is this the same man?

2. A 2-month journey from a kid to a devil’s advocate

3. Having a beard that suits you is all that matters.

4. A 6-month result of trying something new

5. The more hairs, the better.

6. From a boy to a man

7. Which look suits him better: before or after?

8. Mother of mustache!

9. Here is one more example of a good decision:

10. The beard gods have blessed you.

11. Don’t ever go back!

12. 2 months and a witness protection program is not needed!

13. “I was stopped at customs at the border because they did not believe I was the beardless guy in my passport.”

14. How are you the same person?

15. At least his eyebrows haven’t changed...


What a difference a beard makes!

Thank you for wearing the same clothes, James Middleton. The only way to realize it’s the same person is by seeing both of these photos.

Do you think that men can change their life by growing a beard? What do you think of beardies? Share your stories in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit berzinsky / Instagram


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