20 Photos That Prove There Is No Country Like Canada

4 years ago

Moose, maple syrup, and hockey are perhaps the most popular things that come to mind when thinking about Canada. However, this country has a bunch of other remarkable things that you might have never heard of. Whether it’s the Prime Minister’s outstanding socks or unusual warning signs, we bet you are gonna fall in love with Canada even more.

We at Bright Side dove into the depths of this wonderful country and offer you the chance to do the same.

20. Canada is a country of weather contrasts.

19. Here is another piece of proof: "We’re living 3 seasons at once right now."

18. “Opened my door this morning. Welcome to Canada.”

17. Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doesn't feel shy about showing off his outstanding socks.

16. Is there anything more important than going to classes? Yep - Hockey!

15. Canada is not just about maple syrup.

14. In Canada, there are clocks where the time is represented by birds. In this case, it's almost Song Sparrow o'clock.

13. Warning: Invincible moose, next 5 km

12. Canadian deer use crosswalks when crossing the road.

11. Vandalism in Canada comes with a tinge of proper etiquette.

10. Snowing? Not an issue! Nothing can stop people from learning (except hockey, of course).

9. Canadians are well aware of their priorities.

8. While Canadian policemen are always there to help you.

7. To support your endeavors...

6. ...And to have fun with the citizens.

5. Nature in Canada is the best makeup artist.

4. While street signs are dino-friendly.

3. Hail in Canada can reach enormous sizes.

2. What are they feeding that dog?

1. Winters in Canada are harsh.

Have you ever visited this wonderful country? What is the best picture you have taken there? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

Preview photo credit WillOfTheLand / reddit


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typical Canadians, always polite and say sorry for everything. Even for limited edition items ?


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