20 Photos That Show the Unstoppable Force of Time

year ago

We can see the effect of time not only in people growing older but also in the objects we use and even in the surrounding landscapes. Time moves forward quietly but relentlessly, leaving a trace capable of speaking without saying a single word.

1. “This pair of shoes I found encased in hundred-year-old concrete that’s been eroded over time by a waterfall.”

2. “My husband’s decade-old computer chair vs the new one of the same model”

3. “Where people have leaned back against the wall at the laundromat.”

4. “The wear on my laptop keyboard (I’m a full-time author)”

5. “Purchased my first and only pair in the summer of 2002 to have slip-ons for a football camp. Purchased new ones 20 years later.”

6. “Almost 20 years of drips”

7. “I’ve made two burgers every week for seven years. It shows.”

8. “My baby blankie. I’m 22 and can’t sleep without it.”

9. “Log book used daily for two years vs brand new book”

10. “Jacket I dyed two years ago. I never noticed how much it had faded until I unfolded my sleeves.”

11. “Computer chair wheel after years of daily use”

12. “Hand date stamp, 2011 to 2022, used almost daily. You were well-loved. New replacement with eco-handle”

13. “My wife’s toy mouse of 22 years vs my daughter’s new mouse”

14. “Same brand and style. 1.5 years apart”

15. “The result of my family putting all of our fruit stickers on our fridge for the past several years”

16. “My husband broke his leg when he was four years old. He kept the cast.”

17. “All the colors in which the trim in my 100-year-old house has been painted.”

18. “A 70-year-old pencil that we still use at work.”

19. “Wear and tear on my belt shows my weight loss over the last year.”

20. “Wear and tear on playground monkey bars decreases as the distance increases.”


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Guarantee he very much appreciates the chair but the old one is preferred.


Did the math to see what year it would have been 70 yrs ago. Had to use the calculator on my phone. Came to get a better look at how well a 70 year old pencil that is still being used looks.thats when I noticed it has the date 1953 stamped into the side of it.


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