20 Pics Prove Some Things Are Just Too Weird for This World

2 years ago

Some items and products out there definitely look like they’ve been made on another planet. Though they might become a fancy and catchy part of the decor, they can also lift your mood and make you smile every time you look at them. And some huge fans of all unique and bewildering things might even shout: “Take my money, I want that!”

We at Bright Side have gathered some unusual items that somehow haven’t become mainstream but still have enough charm and beauty in them to catch the eye of even the most conservative customers.

1. “We ordered toothbrushes on eBay from China but received eye masks instead. I will use them wisely.”

2. Smells like Whats App.

3. Just an ordinary AirPods case.

4. New fashion trend?

5. “The bench in this 24-hour laundry is a giant clothespin.”

6. “The text on this bottle is becoming alphabet soup.”

7. “Ducktopus I bought at Walgreens”

8. Lobster sandals

9. “Strange pants table. I hope it doesn’t come to life and stomp around the office. Owner says it’s art.”

10. Poor human who has to clean this.

11. This office anti-stress toy.

12. Cat massage brush in the shape of a tongue

13. Cabbage shoes

14. “Mutant creature”

15. “Eating $ and pooping cents. Coin machine or the economy?”

16. “My son’s shoes come with USB chargers.”

17. “This statue outside a library.”

18. “Found some Strength shoes, supposed to help with dunk training according to my dad.”

19. “3D puzzle tennis ball.”

20. “This 3D printed Dwyane the ’Rock’ Johnson octopus I bought. The Rocktapus.”

What was the most unusual purchase in your life? Do you still have these items? Why? Please share your memories with us all. We appreciate every comment you leave.


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