20 Pictures That Prove Mothers’ Lives Are Always Full of Unexpected Twists

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2 years ago

Pregnancy, giving birth, and raising a child often changes the lives of young parents beyond recognition. Just yesterday, a girl dated boys, bought lots of new clothes and took thousands of cat photos. But today, she needs to go shopping for the baby, eat good food, and play with her child. And things aren’t easy for young dads either.

We at Bright Side love children and the life changes they bring. Babies become the reason for lots of funny situations we love to recall.

Many pregnant women notice they want exotic foods. Canned fish with melon, meat with jam — all sorts of things!

Giving birth is not a process everyone wants to repeat. But some mothers decide to have more than 1 child because it’s worth it.

Many mothers prepare to leave the nursing home in advance. They want to look good, but husbands often bring the wrong bags.

When we become parents, we realize how many interested people there are around us. They’re ready to give candy to the child and some advice to you.

Children don’t always behave, and we’re not always ready.

After having a child, young parents meet their neighbors for the first time. They think the kids are too noisy.

Very often, mothers take other people’s advice very painfully. But it’s one thing when their mothers tell them something, and a whole other deal when it’s your mother-in-law.

During pregnancy, life changes a lot, even though other people might not understand it.

Mothers sometimes have very strict diets. 3 months later, you can’t even eat any of that.

Being a mom changes habits. Now shopping is buying children’s clothes and toys.

Very often, moms wear buns not because their hair is dirty but because they want to keep the hair they still have.

Modern fathers play a bigger role in child-raising. Not all of them can do it, but they try hard and give their wives precious minutes of rest.

Most mothers know that if it took you a long time to put a baby to sleep, the moment it happens, the neighbors will start a party, a renovation, or something else.

Many mothers are sure that they can walk with their kids in any weather. Every day, they go outside no matter what. Not like fathers...

Parents often want to name their children originally. But trends change and can be surprising.

Young parents have lots of sleepless nights because of teething and cramps. Even cats have a tough time with it.

Relatives like talking about who the baby looks like. It often happens that the mothers that spent 9 months with them have nothing to do with the child.

Raising kids is not simple but interesting. Every period has its difficulties and it seems it won’t be easy. But it definitely won’t be boring.

Their first smile, a funny face, little fingers, frowned eyebrows — with time, baby photos fill all the space you have on your phone. And it used to be filled with the cat.

But one way or another, the love for a son or a daughter fills the parents so much that they forget about all the difficulties and just enjoy their new roles.

What was the biggest change after having a baby that amazed you?


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