20+ Shar-Pei Photos Proving That Wrinkles Are Actually Very Cute

4 years ago

All dogs are incredibly funny and cute, but Shar-Peis are the champions of this. It seems that nature has a great sense of humor and gave each of these dogs enough skin to cover at least 2 more. This is an ancient breed, originating in China and at some point was listed by the Guinness World Records as the rarest dogs in the world. And we should be very thankful to one person, a very enthusiastic dog lover named Matgo Law, who practically save the breed.

We at Bright Side love all dogs and today we put together a bunch of photos showing how awesome these canines are.

1. Sweet dreams, little wrinkle

2. Oh yes, you can call me Teddy Bear.

3. Yep, that’s my special look, I’ve been practicing it for hours.

4. Nope, it’s not a masquerade.

5. And may I ask what you are waiting for?

6. Mom and dad brought home an imposter.

7. Oh, they are just way too adorable.

8. Cutie pie, cutie pei.

9. Well, I think that I’m kinda stuck.

10. It’s always the right time for a good nap.

11. I am pretty and I know it.

12. Cuteness overload

13. Is there peanut butter in here??

14. Now you know why I don’t use anti-aging stuff, these wrinkles are just too cute.

15. Oh boy, what do you know about wrinkles?

16. Sleep can get you anywhere.

17. Rub my tummy until I pass out, please.

18. An bunch of wrinkly cuteness

19. It must be hot if your dog starts melting.

20. Smiley face, shar-pei style

21. Look how cute I am.

22. Because I can.

23. I’m so tired from my big sleepover last night.

Do you like this compilation? Or maybe you are a lucky shar-pei owner? Show us your dogs in the comments below.


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