20 Shots That Are So Insanely Perfect, You May Get Jealous You Didn’t Take Them

3 years ago

Destin Sparks is an award-winning landscape photographer from Australia who said, “Photography is the story I fail to put into words.” And we completely agree with him.

Bright Side wants to share a set of photos that will take your breath away. Enjoy the beauty!

1. This infrared shot of a beach on Lake Michigan is like something out of a fairy tale:

2. The forest refracted in a water droplet

3. “My inner perfectionist is crying with happiness.”

4. A ladybug covered with dew

5. Cookie splash

6. “This is water dripping off a mossy rock as waves are rolling back to the sea:”

7. “I put my camera into the hole in a cliff and this sea cave turned out to be right below me:”

8. “This is my brother fishing in the fog during the golden hour:”

9. Snowy owl

10. The sky looks like a painting during the storm.

11. A stone barrier separating a freshwater lake and a river

12. A cloud and a light

13. Wild flamingos in a small pond in Tanzania

14. It feels like this is a portal to another world:

15. This man was lucky that it wasn’t raining when he took this photo:

16. The Grand Canyon at sunset

17. The Moon

18. A curious squirrel in a pumpkin

19. A crystal ball on a sand dune

20. Aurora Borealis

Which photo did you like the most? What did you feel while looking at it? Share your emotions with us below!


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