20 Things People Threw Away and Someone Else Happily Took Them

2 years ago

It turns out that in some countries, some pretty good and even completely new things end up in the dumpster. For some people, a missing button on a practically new laptop is a reason to throw it away. Some people are moving to different apartments and houses, so they have to get rid of their stuff. It’s actually pretty easy to find good furniture or devices, you just need a little bit of luck.

Bright Side has found a Reddit thread called DumpsterDiving. There, people share photos of good things they’ve managed to find near dumpsters or just on the side of the road. And in the bonus, there is a story from one of our readers about how she threw away her couch.

“So, our condo has a freecycle section in the garage where people put stuff they don’t want. I’ve snagged a bunch of awesome items from it.”

“I’ve found an Apple TV, a Bluetooth-speaker, and a MacBook in perfect condition. The previous owner threw it away because one button was broken and I easily fixed it.”

“Took this guy back up to my apartment, googled what was wrong with it, watched a few YouTube videos on how to repair, and now I have an espresso maker that works perfectly.”

“2 oil on panel paintings from between 1929 and 1934 I found tonight in Canada. I can’t believe these were thrown away, but honestly not surprised at this point...”

“It was in a dumpster, but they took great care to leave it visible and not touching anything too gross. Thank you, thank you, random musician.”

“We find really nice big keyboards, cheap violins, and instrument cases pretty often in music store dumpsters.”

“Amazing armchairs from the roadside. They were in a fairly wealthy suburb. My guess is they are an unfinished project. They even had spare screws and screw covers taped to them”

“Found this guy. New with a tag on it!”

“2 vintage jewelry boxes with tons of older jewelry! I know for a fact that the family of the previous owner wanted it all thrown out, so I took it.”

“Watched a guy put a box in an e-waste bin and had to take a look.”

“Really nice office chair. Welp, I just sold it.”

“I work as a school photographer. Best believe that when I pulled up at the elementary school I was photographing at and saw this giant gorgeous mirror near the school dumpster, I totally took it!”

“Found this $200 printer in a college dumpster today! Works just fine. It came with extra cartridges too!”

“A flower store threw out dozens of bouquets because a portion of the flowers were wilting, yet so many of them could be salvaged! I brought them home, sorted them out, and repurposed them into completely new arrangements.”

“Apple AirPods, with charging case. Still in the retail packaging! This is from an apartment complex located near a local university with rich kids.”

“A Mendini violin I found in a dumpster. This was by far the best find, out of the entire rescued haul.”

“Someone threw out a 50” Smart TV. Guess who has a new TV?!"

“There was also a box for a larger Vizio TV that was outside the dumpster. Maybe they were replacing it and just decided to throw the old one out.”

“At the side of the road for free, solid wood and in fairly great shape. And almost exactly what I’ve been searching for in second-hand shops.”

“Thanks, Fred.”

“Found a rose gold 128 GB iPhone 7+ with just cracked glass. Everything else works and is in great shape, and it was reset when I found it. Had it not been cracked, I would have thought it was brand new.”

“All-clad saucepans and frying pans! Slightly used but new to me! Found in a recycling dumpster.”

“Those pans go for like over $100 each!”

“At the beginning of summer, I found this in my apartment complex dumpster. I pulled it out, placed at my front door, and let nature do the rest.”

Bonus: “We threw away a new couch. It looked new. I saw someone putting it into their car.”

“Man, if you are reading this, how are the moths under the upholstery (which is why we threw away the couch in the first place)?”

Would you take a good thing that was thrown away or would you decide to not take the risk?

Preview photo credit Inna Levizere / Facebook


I've got so many nice things that someone else threw away. Just imagine how nice and complete a garbage man's house is.
The Smart TV and Old iPod guys are fucking lucky,I wished I was them 🤣

P.S:We're getting also a 42' Smart TV in December in our house (we have a non-smart 31' TV here)

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