20+ Things That Showed the Power of Time

2 years ago

Some people say that we don’t notice our own children grow. It’s not surprising, they are constantly with us. It’s the same with things: when you use something all the time, you get used to it and you don’t notice any changes. But time flies and patterns fade, shoes get old, and even the floor becomes unrecognizable.

We at Bright Side have found photos from internet users who found out that time is merciless.

This is what swim trunks will look like if you swim in them for 25 years

“Approximately 10-year-old wallet vs New wallet”

“My pup’s frisbee she’s had for 3 years vs Its replacement”

“Boyfriend bought me a new alpaca (left) after I slept with the old one (right) every night for 6 years.”

“Old lawnmower blade and new one”

“I have used this lawnmower on quite a rough terrain for many years. It’s had to encounter a lot of soil bumps, stones, bricks, metal pieces, sticks, stumps, ropes...”

“My old office chair is 11 years old.”

4 years of sun and sweat

“My pair of shoes that I’ve been wearing pretty much every day for the past 7 years”

“New(er) shovel vs Old one after 5 years of use”

“My phone case, 2.5 years of use on the left and its brand new replacement on the right”

“The old handle from my hatchet — it’s 50+ years old.”

“Bunny Bear after 15 years and 3 dogs. It’s his favorite ‘toy’ (rag), I can’t take it away.”

“These door handles to the local country club that’s been open for 40+ years”

“Great-grandmother’s potato peeling knife still used by my grandmother in her late 80s. She says her mother used it when she was a child.”

“15 years of love vs The new one my mom still has as a replacement if I would lost it as a kid”

  • Aw, that’s sweet & smart of your mom to have bought a second one. © leoninebasil / Reddit
  • My mom bought 5 of them when they were to be discontinued. 2 I ripped before, one I lost, and 2 my mom still owns as replacements. © JuukiChii / Reddit

“10-year-old chukkas are finally being retired after I wore a hole through the outsole.”

“My mom found a cute rug at the store, brought it home, and it was the same one she had before!”

“iPhone 8 leather case. One week of use vs 3 years”

What happened to the floor over 43 years

“The one and only basketball that lives at the local park and somehow still bounces”

“10 years of multiple users with no mousepad!”

“My apartment stairs”

How do you understand that it’s time to say goodbye to an old T-shirt and go shopping for a new one?

Preview photo credit Eddy_Hopper / Reddit


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I had my favorite new balance sneakers and wore them for so long, I didn't realize how much they were worn out until I bought a new pair


that's why I don't like those transparent silicone phone cases - they just get yellowish in half a year or so


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