20 Times Animals Met Their Guardian Angels at Just the Right Moment

3 years ago

Not all heroes wear capes, they say, and kind-hearted people who choose to adopt animals in need instead of buying pets can surely be called our superheroes. Whether it’s the intentional act of rescuing a lonely soul from a shelter or an unexpected encounter, cats and dogs who got help from these people will always be grateful to their saviors.

Here, at Bright Side, we can’t stop admiring the people who helped animals in need in these 20 heartwarming stories, and we hope that every lonely animal finally finds a loving home.

1. “2 stray cats gave birth under our house, so we took them both in.”

2. “We adopted this 11-year-old kitty, and for months she wouldn’t let anyone touch her. A year later, she insists on sitting in my lap.”

3. “We adopted Woody from the SPCA yesterday, and he’s a cuddler.”

4. “My dad and his neighbor agreed to take in these stray cats who live in their gardens and pay for them together.”

5. “I found a stray, and she might have adopted me.”

6. “We adopted brothers and they sleep together every day.”

7. “A stray cat followed my boyfriend home. After a vet check-up he finally met our dog Noodle for the first time today.”

8. “Adopted this 10-year-old gentleman yesterday. He’s my first pet ever.”

9. “He’s been in the shelter for 2 years, glad to finally give him a home.”

10. “Meet Charlie! I just adopted my first dog! He has bad hearing, but is an absolute love bug.”

11. “I adopted these little guys yesterday and they’re already settling into their new home.”

12. “I decided I needed a companion. Meet Bunsen, adopted from the Humane Society at 4 months old!”

13. “I adopted a new kitten a few weeks ago, and was worried she and my other cat wouldn’t get along. I found them like this after work.”

14. “I just adopted this little girl! She’s missing an eye, but that’s okay.”

15. “One month ago I found a stray kitten outside my apartment. This is Una on the day I found her compared to today.”

16. “This is Shadow. My parents adopted her last week, and her tail has not stopped wagging since.”

17. “This is Daisy. I adopted her 6 hours ago, but I think she’s already settling in.”

18. “After months of loneliness, I adopted this little guy. Meet Frodo.”

19. “After almost 9 years of wanting a cat, I finally adopted these brothers. I still can’t get over their bond.”

20. “My dog adopted a stray cat in our neighborhood and made me keep him.”

Do you know people who’ve adopted their pets? Or maybe you are that person? Share your kind stories of animal adoption in the comments!

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these look super cute! I think I will also adopt an animal when I move to my own place!


I love number 9, she looks a bit scared but happy as wlell! This is nice to see :D


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