20 Times People Were Lucky Enough to Take a Picture at Just the Right Moment

2 years ago

Each of us has experienced coincidences. For example, it is very likely that 2 people will have the same birthday if you are in a group of 48 people. It might seem like these things don’t happen very often, but if we’re more attentive we will start noticing many of them.

We at Bright Side think that life can be full of both senseless and meaningful coincidences and today we want to share 20 pics that were taken at exactly the right time.

1. “Gf asked me to take a pic of her playing with the cat, this happened.”

2. “These bubbles are in the shape of a spoon.”

3. “My cat decided to use her fish from dinner as false teeth.”

4. The match is perfect.

5. “333,333 kilometers on the odometer and the distance to empty was 333 kilometers.”

6. “Shadow rendering got a bit messed up.”

7. 4D art

8. “Dried stonecrop shadow looks like a jungle silhouette van mural.”

9. “Perfectly timed Moon from Mie Prefecture, Japan”

10. “I tried to take this bird’s picture at the zoo and almost lost my cellphone.”

11. “Thought I found a skull next to the sidewalk.”

12. My Ripzone sweater ripped exactly where it said it would.

13. “My girlfriend opened a snack next to seagulls.”

14. “It took me a minute to realize it was 2 dogs.”

15. “A squirrel eating a doughnut”

16. “Walked by at just the right moment.”

17. “Good timing on this one!”

18. He got wings.

19. Right place, right time.

20. “A yellow warbler flew into the frame whilst I was taking a snap of an iguana.”

Which picture did you like the most? How often do you notice coincidences in your life?

Preview photo credit PerseMeeks/reddit, D***Klaw/reddit


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3, 10, 14, 16 & 19 the timing of no: 19 though to me is precious. Seriously bubs couldn't have waited till they got across the road for a drink? No they were so desperate for a drink they had to stop there...cheeky bugga..lol


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