20 Times Something Went Wrong During Production That Made Our Inner Boss Cry

4 years ago

To err is human, so it’s normal for anyone to make a mistake, even at work. However, there are many types of toys, clothing lines, where fails are so common, that there’s an actual thread on Reddit that lists examples of them. There you can find unfinished jobs, fruits that were given a wrong name, and even clothes with typos. Fortunately, these kinds of situations are generally harmless and have no major repercussions or consequences.

Bright Side would like to share some examples of these mistakes with you that were made by companies and machines during some stage of the product manufacturing.

1. When you get something unexpected:

2. “Thanks! I guess I’ll just have to die then when everything is on fire.”

3. “Something I saw a while ago in my grocery store”

4. When you have some leftover material and you have to use it:

5. When the hamburger was boxed halfway through its preparation:

6. Where is this city?

7. Can I have 2 of those “pappayas” in the shape of pineapples, please?

8. “My friend bought this online... You can see the ‘M’ engraved on his hat.”

9. “Man, I just wanna see the subway map.”

10. “How did this even happen?”

11. I just wanted to wash my hands...

12. No wonder I couldn’t finish drawing the leaves on the tree.

13. “They came in the same pack.”

14. “Brothers from another mother”

15. “How... How are you supposed to get in?”

16. “Whose idea was this?”

17. I have no doubt that this Hulk is very similar to Thor.

18. I think it’s a Ford...

19. “Toilet in the Alps of Italy”

20. “I didn’t even see this before buying it.”

Have you ever seen a production mistake like this? Did you take a picture of it? Share your images and stories with us in the comment section!


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No. 8 is incorrect. Mario's brother in the actual Marios Bros is called Luigi. He dresses in green and his hat dones the letter L.


Okay if I ever get something like number 5 I would get furious! My food needs to be perfect all the time ??


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