20 Unsettling Photos That Show How Much Nature Needs Our Compassion

4 years ago

We live among plants and animals but sometimes we tend to forget that nature needs our help. From animals being traded illegally or left abandoned to suffer from a lack of water and air pollution, nature will lose its beauty if we don’t offer a helping hand. Some of these sad photos show just how much nature begs for our kindness.

Bright Side sympathizes with the many fates of nature and brings you pictures of animals and other living things that need to be taken care of.

1. Golden langurs were rescued from illegal trade.

2. Sea birds covered in oil from a spill were washed by volunteers.

3. Rescued from being killed for food, a horse was kept in a secret shelter.

4. A baby dolphin found by tourists had fishing net marks on it.

5. A slow loris being treated at a sanctuary

6. A newly-born kitten was delivered by a rescued stray cat.

7. These starving baby sea lions washed ashore and were rescued.

8. Baby green turtles that were saved after hatching

9. An orangutan was rescued from being smuggled.

10. Small birds being fed during a heatwave in June

11. A cow at a shelter after unwanted livestock were abandoned

12. A lake running dry on a hot summer day

13. An activist trying to rescue caged dogs at a free market

14. Owlets that were saved by a taxi driver

15. A saltwater crocodile with a tire around its neck

16. These plants died due to a bushfire.

17. Poisonous fumes from illegal coal mining surrounded a dog.

18. A cow on a bed of garbage

19. Rejected by their mothers, an orangutan and an endangered tiger hugged each other.

20. A small puppy was delivered by an abandoned dog.

Which of these photos tugged at your heartstrings? Have you ever rescued an animal or done something to preserve nature?


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we also need to start rescuing animals from circuses and actually ban using animals in there


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