21 Cats That Will Make Even the Grumpiest Person Smile

3 years ago

Over the years, cat pics and cat videos have been 2 of the most popular subjects used in search engines. As Charlie Day from the TV series, It’s always sunny in Philadelphia once said, “Cats do not abide by the laws of nature. You obviously don’t know anything about cats.”

At Bright Side, we aim to make your day brighter, that’s why we made a compilation of our favorite, and therefore, funniest cats across the web just for you.

1. Just a regular nap for a regular cat.

2. Mission Impossible (the cat version)

3. “Shhh, stay absolutely still...”

4. Cats can be so elegant sometimes.

5. — “Are you ok, cat?”


— “Meow...”


— “But really though, are you?”

6. “Home alone at last!”

7. “How dare you ignore me?”

8. — “Are you ready for your next mission?”


— “MEOW, SIR!”

9. “Can I fit in there? Of course, I can!”

10. Maybe it’s a cat or maybe it’s a blanket.

11. Cats don’t abide by the laws of nature.

12. “How dare you? This is the cat ladies room!”

13. The bat-cat

14. “These Ikea pets are so hard to assemble.”

15. “Am I doing it right? I really think I’m nailing it.”

16. “I am your cat and I demand your attention!”

17. “Yes, this is quite comfortable. I shall sit here.”

18. “Our cat wasn’t happy with our new purple wall.”

19. — “Do you think we can drink it?”


— “Let’s try it.”


— “You do it!”

20. This one is either a drummer or a really troubled cat.

21. Now, that’s Istanbul’s coolest guy.

We hope these fellas put a big, wide smile on your face. Which one would you take home? Or maybe your kitty is ready to compete for the golden cat prize? Share your funny cat photos in the comments.


So I got too kittens(now cats)about 1 year ago named Pepper and Panther and we also got a cat named Clyde about 2 years ago.Pepper and Panther are 1 year old and Clyde is 5 years old and I think Pepper is Clyde’s girlfriend hears a picture of Clyde and Pepper
I really think we need to serve this cat man #21 his coffee soon he's like waiting for an hour or so hahaaha

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