21 Designers Who Put Their Hearts Into Their Inventions

4 years ago

Some designers have such a good imagination that they turn even the most ordinary things into masterpieces. Have you ever seen a book that turns into a lamp when you open it or a lamp that blooms like a bunch of flowers? Thanks to these and many other items, our world is way more interesting.

Bright Side has collected 21 things created by designers who definitely deserve a promotion.

21. A fork and a spoon that look like gardening tools.

20. This bed protects your personal boundaries.

19. The way these headphones look music notes in their box:

18. A popcorn box illustrating famous movies

17. Interesting packaging

16. A bus in Copenhagen

15. The floor tiles are the best indicator that you’re at the US Postal Museum.

14. Engagement ring box

13. This poster that’s against the disposal of nuclear waste:

12. “My milkshake was served in a lightbulb.”

11. Renault Fluence tail light with Renault logos

10. Books that turn into lamps

9. This stall resembles an open box of doughnuts.

8. This hypnotizing eyeglass case:

7. Stairs that might confuse you

6. These cans won’t stay unnoticed.

5. When the wind hits the ceiling of this beach bar:

4. For Van Gogh fans

3. Lamps that bloom just like flowers.

2. “Best beer coaster ever found in Austria.”

1. This motorcycle storage shed

Which item is the most interesting? Share your opinion with us!


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