22 Coincidences Proving Our Universe Has a Perfect Sense of Humor

2 months ago

Our world keeps amazing us with its miracles and many of them happen without the participation of humans. Of course, these aren’t magic tricks — they’re just coincidences that we see every now and then in supermarkets, on the streets, on vacation, and even at home.

Bright Side collected 22 photos proving that glitches can happen in the matrix from time to time. At the end of the article, there is a bonus that will show you some unusual street art.

“My strawberry/pistachio ice cream matched this couple’s matching outfits.”

We wonder if the driver of this bus is bald too...

“I spent $7.11 and at a 7-Eleven at 7:11 AM.”

“I decided that I need more sleep when I saw them at a bus stop.”

“My phone blends in with my desk almost perfectly.”

The packages from different food brands made an ideal picture.

“I saw a piece of cloth that looks like a man in a trench coat.”

Such things happen too...

“My and my girlfriend’s baby pictures look quite similar.”

What a coincidence!

Chameleon cheese


“My teacher’s hat blends in with the chalkboard so much that I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

Did they mean to do this?

“The design on my flips flops matches the beach shore I was spending my vacation at.”

“A journal that perfectly matches my shirt!”

“The way the sunlight hits this balloon so that it seems as if it is glowing.”

“My bacon looked like a fried pig.”

It looks as if those are not blue letters but slots through which the sky can be seen.

“Bought this outdoor sofa without checking the size...”

This10-cent coin fits the ring perfectly:

Bonus: Sometimes street art can be pretty confusing.

What other impressive coincidences have you encountered? Please share your photos in the comments!


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