22 Majestic Sights You Might Want to Set as Your Wallpaper Right Away

3 years ago

The founder of psychoanalysis and Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud once said, “When inspiration does not come to me, I go halfway to meet it.” Clouds of the most unusual shapes, the birth of lightning, spellbinding reflections of mountains in a perfectly clear lake and fascinating frost formations on a window all prove that inspiration is everywhere. Just take a closer look around!

What could be more relaxing after a long work day than watching the peace and beauty of nature? Here at Bright Side, we are delighted to see these magical images and can’t wait to share them with you!

1. The art of catching the right moment

2. What a view!

3. A frozen soap bubble

4. This dew on a spider web looks like a pearl necklace.

5. Have you ever seen clouds shaped so beautifully?

6. “The beauty of nature shows up in the most unlikely places! Like the door of my truck this morning, for example.”

7. It’s shaped perfectly.

8. This view embraces a whole range of colors.

9. Have you ever seen such clear water?

10. When lightning and the sun collide:

11. We’d love to see this with our own eyes!

12. What an incredible pattern!

13. Window blinds

14. The birth of a strike of lightening

15. Intricate lace woven by nature

16. Serenity itself

17. A halo in the sky

18. Clouds of so many different colors and shapes captured together

19. Each of these lakes has its own color.

20. UFO-shaped clouds on a mountain top

21. Flamingo cloud

22. Nature is the best artist!

Which of these pictures would you like to set as a wallpaper? Have you ever seen anything this magical? Share your thoughts and pictures in the comments!


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