22 Things That Happen to Dog Owners Every Single Day

4 years ago

Experienced dog owners know that the most important thing in a person’s life are shoes. They can use their dog’s tone of barking to determine if they are sad or happy. Dog owners are very patient and they sometimes have to deal with harsh weather conditions. Also, they can never have enough — if they have one dog, why not get another one?

Bright Side inspires people who want to get a dog and support the ones who already own one with this photo compilation about a regular day in the life of a dog owner.

1. Your morning starts with this look until you get up.

2. King Bean wants his breakfast and lets you know it.

3. You will never be alone.

4. There might be something wrong with this dog or he’s just too excited to walk like a normal dog.

5. If it’s winter, don’t forget to check the temperature outside and put the right equipment on.

6. You should definitely beware of dogs who haven’t seen snow for a long time.

7. You wash their paws after every walk. Sometimes, not just their paws.

8. Nothing unusual happens before lunch.

9. Afterward, someone wants to play hide and seek...

10. ...or just sing a song.

11. Now, it’s time for a nap. But first, a hug.

12. Pet your dog more and it will feel happier.

13. When you go to the bathroom, the door should be open for the dog to check and see if you are okay.

14. Dogs want to be together when they miss you.

15. And you could also find something like this.

16. But 5 minutes later, they forget about the damage and are ready for new things.

17. And they’re hungry again.

18. If you need to leave, you will have to fight the cuteness every time.

19. Don’t forget about that evening walk.

20. As the day comes to an end, dogs prepare for sleep.

21. Every dog has its own way.

22. You finish every day with this holy ritual.

Bonus: If you own a dog, you can turn it into a cloud using a hairbrush and a pair of scissors.

Do you have a dog? Tell us about your regular day with them.

Preview photo credit nycblackout89 / reddit


My day is as posted in those pics ☺️ I have 5 dogs (all chihuahuas and 1 Pom). Never a dull moment ?. Lol.
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I don't have a dog but this is just hilarious :D
So, owners, is it true?

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