23 Times Cats Messed Up So Cutely They Totally Stole Our Hearts

4 years ago

Cats definitely have a special way of getting away with everything they do. Otherwise they’d never be forgiven for the absolutely crazy stuff they do sometimes. But they always are — and this proves that people do have a special place in their hearts for cats. And, to tell the truth, we’re not surprised — because even in the mind-blowing situations no one else would ever get into, they remain the kings and queens of sweetness.

Here at Bright Side we’ve collected pictures of cats who totally killed their messed-up situation with cuteness.

1. Oops, I stuck.

2. There’s no way anyone could be mad after seeing this.

3. You needed this one, right...?

4. Am I doing something wrong?

5. Okay, you’re forgiven...

6. Wrong way

7. This guy just needs to rethink his life.

8. I’m for sure in trouble.

9. Welcome back! We hope it’s okay we had a little party over here.

10. When you tried to sneak out with a delicious piece of ham but went the wrong way:

11. Wonder who’s been up on the counter?

12. I was just unwrapping my presents.

13. We feel you, bro.

14. You weren’t supposed to see that...

15. I feel you, human! What kind of animal could do this?

16. Oh, hi there!

17. Brawny-cat knows how to get cozy.

18. I just needed to fix some things in there.

19. I can explain.

20. Just saw you were out of Kit Kats, so here I am.

21. Nothing special, just chilling in the fridge.

22. We have a situation here.

23. Come in, little kitty, we love you anyway.

Can you resist these guys? Have you ever had moments like this with your cat? Share your experience and pictures with us in comments.


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