25 Tender Comics Showing What Could Happen if Animals Had Human Relationships

3 years ago

If, on some occasions, we come across animals walking down the street, on a trip to the seaside, in a refuge or protected area, or even in books or on the internet, we usually see them as a complement to the beautiful scenery that nature gives us. But few, if any, of us wonder how they relate to each other and how they would relate if they actually had the emotional and social traits of human beings. That’s not the case when it comes to artist Rajnik Patel. He has been imagining and even capturing these situations in adorable drawings that shine a light on human relationships with a touch of humor.

Bright Side collected some of this artist’s comics in which animals are the protagonists of situations we often encounter as humans. That’s how an octopus, a porcupine, or a dinosaur can actually become a friend, a husband, a dad, or an individual with personal problems that we can relate to.

1. Love and friendship can make us change our minds in a second.

2. With a little imagination, you can be whoever you want to be.

3. Friends are always ready to give you a hand... or a paw, or their little horns, whatever you need.

4. A graphic example of what trusting someone really means

5. Love is love, even if sometimes we don’t understand it.

6. If they were human, they’d probably be poking at mom’s eyes to wake her up.

7. We’re all good at doing something, right?

8. Carrying a baby (or a cub) in your arms also makes you its means of transportation.

9. Sometimes all you need is a hug. Other times, you need 50 hugs.

10. No matter how old you are, stars always make an impression on everyone.

11. Someday they will be the ones to teach us about technology, if that day has not already arrived.

12. It’s not easy, but we always do what we can.

13. Let the experiences of others serve as an example. Change is imminent.

14. 5-Minute Crafts for kids

15. On your dad’s shoulders, everything’s better.

16. This is the graphic description of what it means to be an older brother.

17. But when they sleep they’re charming, right?

18. Melted hearts coming up in 3... 2...1...

19. When you think you can’t love them more than you already do, they do things like this and they make your heart go nuts.

20. Mom and Dad always make things better

21. These things happen when there is a 10 meter height difference.

22. Nobody can deny that a puppy is a dose of happiness with paws.

23. They will always forgive you for anything you did.

24. Let’s all help dad!

25. May your main goal be to do what makes you happy.

What story could your pet be the protagonist of if it were a human?


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I don't know why but the more of these pictures I see, the wider my smile gets 🥰


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