30 Items That’ll Make You Say “Please Move In With Me”

10 months ago

We may soon forget what malls look like as home shopping takes the world by storm! Yep, there is no limit to the comfort of our own space, and this selection will make you pause whatever you’re doing and grab some products immediately after the first look. Here you’ll find something for everyday use, from highly rated rejuvenating products to super-soft slippers. Scroll down and enjoy a really wide selection of items!

1. These ultra cute dachshunds make it easy to hold hot corn without waiting for it to cool down, and you will be more comfortable eating than when you hold the 2 ends of the corn with your hands. Plus, they’ll delight every one of your guests!

2. So simple in design but so pretty! This mug stand will appeal to lovers of minimalism and aesthetics, and it’s made of transparent acrylic. You can also use it to store jewelry.

3. Let’s add a little fun to your cooking routine with this useful piggy. It will make separating the yolks much faster and more convenient! “This yolk-sucking pig is a heaven-sent tool in my kitchen”.

4. Finally, you don’t have to wait for the fruit to dry out anymore. After washing, you can immediately put the fruit in this vase and all the moisture will drain into the hole at the bottom!

5. This silicone protective cover for slide-outs and regular drains will prevent clogs and save you the need for a plumber! It traps hair and debris without blocking the water flow.

6. This long bath floor mat with suction cups and drainage holes will not collect moisture and will save you from slipping. It is also suitable for showers or saunas and can be cleaned in the washing machine.

7. This steamer actually has very strong steam power. It has a 9 foot (274 cm) long power cord, so you never have to worry about a remote control. Its water tank volume is 240 ml (8 oz.). It is compact enough to fit in any suitcase or carry-on. Over 80,000 people gave it a positive rating!

8. It’s a good time to update your towels. This 6-piece set is made of 100% cotton! The towels in the set have 3 sizes from large to small. They are available in many colors.

9. Making salads and washing fruit will no longer be the same. Thanks to this spinner, cooking will be much easier and faster! Just press and the salad is dried in a few seconds during the spinning process. Also, its removable basket can be used separately as a colander.

10. We think every home in a minimalist, modern style needs this statuette. It is made using solid sandstone molding technology, and the exterior surface is smooth. It can be used on its own for decor as well as to hold dried flowers.

11. This clever tool will slice your watermelon into small pieces in minutes! Simply insert the slicer tool into the watermelon and the cubes will come out automatically. You can also use it for melon and pumpkin. A spoon for round slices is also included.

12. Can you imagine more than 160,000 customers are happy with these scales! It’s made in an inconspicuous transparent design and has a handy LED display with an automatic on/off function.

13. These soft mug coasters are made of cotton fabric and come in a set of 8 pieces of 4 quiet colors. A black metal stand for storage is included.

14. “The best pots I’ve purchased!” This is what the customer says about this set of nonstick pots and pans. The set includes: 2 frying pans with lid, pan with lid and steamer, 2 sauce pans with lid, and white silicone turner. They are suitable for all stovetops!

15. These 2 bathroom shelves require no drilling, do not retain moisture and will not rust! They stick firmly to the suction cups. Place them in the shower or over the sink to eliminate clutter.

16. This is the most multifunctional case for your iPhone! It has card holder slots, a lanyard, and wireless charging capability. It holds about 10 cards! You just need to choose your phone model.

17. This facial skin improvement serum has already been approved by more than 29,000 customers! The essence contains 96.3% snail secretion filtrate, preventing dryness and aging. It guarantees long-lasting hydration without a heavy feeling on the skin and is suitable for all skin types.

18. This double-sided body scrubber is more durable and hygienic than a traditional washcloth. You can use one side for daily gentle scrubbing and the other side for massaging and cellulite reduction. The long soft bristles create the perfect foam! It has a loop handle to hang and dry.

19. This portable pill case is small but very roomy! It has 7 compartments and will come in handy when traveling or even when you’re away for the whole day. The magnetic design and inner lids combine to form a double protection against pills falling out.

20. We have never seen such a multifunctional and convenient cosmetic bag! Its bottom pocket will neatly hold brushes and jewelry. It’s waterproof and very roomy. It has a handle for easy carrying.

21. Extremely comfortable slippers will be your favorite shoes from this summer! They’ll make your feet feel like they’re on a soft pillow. The buyer is assured, “Yes, you do need these.” They are suitable for both women or men and available in many sizes and colors.

22. This sanitizer is not only very comfortable to carry and smells nicely of rose, but it also has collagen in its composition to moisturize your hands. Its volume is enough for as many as 500 squeezes!

23. With this silicone brush case, you’ll no longer have to worry about them getting dirty or deformed. One case can hold about 5–8 brushes, depending on their size. Take it with you both on trips and outings!

24. The most convenient way to maintain good oral hygiene is these mini flossers. They don’t tear and are the perfect tool for removing stuck food, keeping your gums clean and healthy. They taste minty and come with 150 pieces!

25. This sunscreen, which has been positively rated by more than 25,000 people, is really helpful. It is formulated with SPF 50 and moisturizes the skin with vitamin E. It is oil-free, water-resistant and has broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

26. If you want to get rid of unwanted hair, then this mini electric razor can always be with you! It will work instantly and painlessly wherever you are. It looks like lipstick and has a backlight.

27. This mini massager is much more compact than the usual ones, but no less powerful! Thanks to the 3 speeds it can massage any area of the body like a professional. Provide your muscles with relaxation and massage anytime, anywhere with it.

28. This set of matte hair clips is suitable for hairstyling for any event as well as for an ordinary walk. One clip can hold even thick hair. The kit comes with 5 pieces of different colors.

29. This cute night light in the shape of a little Buddha will bring more peace of mind to your home. Its coloring imitates “soothing breathing”. Green is breathing in, purple is holding and blue is breathing out. Touch the surface lightly to adjust the brightness.

30. This plush pillow first carries out aromatherapy and secondly can warm or cool you. It contains natural aromatic herbs: lavender, chamomile, peppermint, lemon grass, rosemary, cinnamon, yarrow, white willow, valerian root, yellow sorrel and hops. It is so soft and cozy that you will want to keep it on all the time. You only need a microwave or freezer for heating and cooling it.

We always carefully select products from Amazon that have many positive reviews and are harmless. And every time we are amazed at how many useful things appear every day to make life a little bit better for each of us.

Bright Side gets commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. Reviews could have been edited for length and clarity.

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